Philadelphia Construction Accident Attorneys

All too often, construction sites and industrial workplaces are dangerous, hazardous and unsafe. When a company is negligent in the way it performs its work or in failing to take adequate and appropriate safety measures to protect workers, the risk of serious, catastrophic injury or death increases dramatically.

YRC&H attorneys have successfully represented injured workers and their families in the litigation that often results from workplace accidents. ($8,500,000.00 for worker with severe electrical injuries; $2,500,000.00settlement for worker with shoulder, neck and head injuries; $7,250,000.00 for worker with severe burns)

From the initial investigation, to identifying all the proper and appropriate defendants, to consulting with the appropriate construction or industrial engineering experts, to conducting the painstaking, extensive discovery these cases usually require, YRC&H attorneys have the skills and experience necessary for the preparation and trial of these often complex cases.

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