Every year dozens of children are catastrophically injured or killed because of furniture tip-over accidents. Families of these children never get over the devastation caused by these injuries. Some parents never get over the guilt they feel. These tragic accidents, and hundreds of others that luckily result in less serious injuries, are very preventable. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that many pieces of furniture in their home are unstable and can be easily tipped over accidentally by children just being children. Dressers, chests and TV stands are the most commonly involved furniture. The vast majority of people are completely unaware how common these accidents are and how easily they can occur. Here is a link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission web page discussing this problem.

The furniture industry has long been aware of these issues, as has the government. Often simple changes in design and materials can lower the center of gravity, making it more difficult for a small child to cause a tip-over. Relatively simple solutions like anchoring systems are available to prevent these accidents. Simple instructions to parents to make sure only lightweight articles are put in top drawers may be just enough to prevent a tip-over. Unfortunately, the industry has not taken necessary steps to change designs and materials, or to let parents know of the potential problem and available solutions. At YRCH we have represented families of some of these children and have been able to hold furniture manufacturers accountable. If you or someone you know has had the terrible misfortune to have a child injured, we may be able to help. Please contact our firm today.