It is widely accepted that drunk driving can lead to car accidents. Accordingly, there is a constant effort to reduce the number of drivers who get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol. In the course of holiday weekends like the one we are about to embark on, the effort put into doing this is often intensified. This is the case in the state of Pennsylvania.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, DUI checkpoints will be setup around the state. People who are caught driving under the influence will likely face criminal charges. These charges can of course be avoided by skipping the driving while drunk completely and deciding upon a sober driver before heading out.

Since not everyone does that the PA DUI Association has created a Blood Alcohol Calculator. The online tool provides individuals information regarding how many drinks it would take someone before his or her BAC reaches or exceeds .08, making it illegal to drive. The factors the calculator uses to make that determination include the person’s:

  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Type of drinks consumed
  • Number of drinks consumed
  • The time period in which the drinks were consumed

Together this information can provide information on roughly how much someone should be able to drink before their BAC becomes too high to do so unimpaired.

Unfortunately, even with tools such as this one available, some people will drive while impaired. When they do and cause a crash to occur, the injured individuals may decide to seek financial compensation form the drunk driver.