Everyone is likely aware of how seat belts can save lives when motor vehicle accidents occur. By keeping occupants in a vehicle when a crash occurs, they are afforded the protection of the steel structure which can minimize the severity of the injuries they incur. As an accident that recently occurred in South Philadelphia illustrates in some situations seat belts could serve another function as well—preventing a crash from occurring at all.

The crash involved a SEPTA bus. It occurred when the driver tried to make a U-turn to get around a freight train that was in the way. As the driver—who is a 10 year veteran—made the turn it appears that she did so too quickly. Surveillance video shows that as a result she fell from her seat and ultimately lost control of the vehicle. The bus ended up in the path of a freight train that was stopped after first jumping a concrete barrier.

At the time of the incident there were three passengers on the bus. Along with the driver two of those individuals were hospitalized. Fortunately their injuries were not considered to be life threatening.

When people decide to use public transportation to get from one place to another there is an expectation that the person who is behind the wheel will drive in a safe manner. When that person doesn’t and injuries are the end result it is possible that those who were hurt could take legal action. A personal injury lawsuit could be appropriate.