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Protect yourself during recreation with reflective gear

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2015 | Firm News, Pedestrian Accidents

Depending on what your vice is, whether running, biking or walking, the great outdoors may be your sanctuary. Many Americans spend time pounding pavement in search of a healthier lifestyle, a stress reliever or simply some alone time. If you are one of the many that measure happiness and health by the tread on your bike tires or soles of your shoes, don’t forget to keep the rest of your body safe from passing vehicles with the new age of reflective gear.

Any visit to your favorite sporting goods store and you will likely come across some of the neatest recreation gear available since the invention of the head lamp. Not only can you keep yourself warm in cold weather, dry in wet weather, but you can do it all in style. The days of the blinking clip-on lights are over. Now, no matter what your outdoor calling is, there is gear for it.

From Under Armour to Nike, everyone’s favorite brands are getting on board to keep their weekend warriors and athletes-in-training safe while roadside. Sporting good clothing companies’ recognize the need for runners and cyclists alike to be safe from passing vehicles while in the zone. Not only do they now offer moisture wicking, cold weather reflective clothing, but also reflective bands, lighted belts and vests. Some wrist gear even comes with GPS tracking to keep a safe eye on loved ones while on long routes.

All pedestrians are at risk of being hit by passing vehicles. Distracted drivers make up a huge portion of those responsible for causing crashes. For runners, cyclists and walkers alike, the threat of a passing car whose driver is distracted or just not anticipating a roadside athlete is likely greater at hours when visibility is lowest like dusk and early morning. This new age of safety gear gives outdoor adventurists the upper hand when it comes to visibility. While it may boost an individual’s visibility it can’t guard against reckless drivers. When even the most prepared individual falls victim to a distracted or reckless driver, the next best step is speaking to a skilled attorney.

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