People don’t realize it, but walking alongside streets is very dangerous. Nothing separates pedestrians from multi-ton vehicles made of metal and plastic that move at speeds many times faster than a walking human. The only thing that protects a pedestrian might be a few shrubs and a curb. People don’t realize the danger because the United States has a robust culture of driving that people take for granted. Unfortunately, this past weekend, Philadelphia was shocked by the unfortunate passing of a 50-year-old woman. She was struck while walking on the sidewalk by a sedan that was speeding down the road.

For pedestrians, being struck by a car can be devastating. Pedestrians do not enjoy the protections that surround drivers, like a cabin and air bags. That is why that most accidents involving pedestrians are often serious and too often fatal. This also means that if you survive an accident with a car, then you are likely facing serious medical bills and high costs for long-term care. Consulting an attorney to discuss your case may help you realize the long-term implications of the accident and how to plan for the future. These costs need to be factored into any lawsuit that you may file against the driver.

All drivers and pedestrians are expected to behave in a certain manner toward one another. Pedestrians expect drivers to pay attention. Drivers expect pedestrians to stay on sidewalks and not to dart into traffic. It is when someone fails to behave in a normal way that accidents happen. If a driver wasn’t paying attention, or in this case, speeding and lost control, then you may have a case.

You can consult an attorney to review the facts of your case to determine the best way to get compensation. Depending upon the extent of your injuries, it may be simpler to pursue a claim with the driver’s insurance. However, if you’re medical bills are too high, then you may wish to file a lawsuit. Either way, an experienced personal injury attorney can give you the tools you need to move forward. You can focus on getting better by letting the attorney handle the legal issues.

Source: ABC 6 News, “Crash kills pedestrian on sidewalk in North Philadelphia,” Nov. 7, 2015