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What precautions will help me avoid being in a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2016 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Being a large metropolitan city, Philadelphia has more than its share of big rig truck traffic. These super-size vehicles can be seen at all hours of the day and night speeding down the roads and highways. Often, truck drivers are under tremendous pressure to meet demanding delivery schedules. As a result, sometimes truck drivers are not as focused on staying safe as they should be.

It is always a good idea to drive defensively when near a semi truck. The following are some things you can do in an effort to avoid colliding with a truck:

  • Do not drive between semi-trucks.
  • Avoid making sudden lane changes in front of trucks.
  • If you are near a truck that attempts to merge or change lanes, then speed up or slow down as is appropriate.
  • Stay out of a truck’s blind spots, often referred to as “No-Zones.” Truck drivers will not be able to see you when you are nestled in a No-Zone.
  • Carefully assess the speed of oncoming trucks when turning left at intersections.
  • Do not pull into the right side of a truck as it makes a right turn.

These actions can help you stay clear of some of the common situations that lead to truck collisions. But given that trucks are so powerful and large, truck drivers must also do all they can to look out for you. And sometimes traffic conditions are such that you will find yourself precariously positioned regardless of how carefully you drive.

A fatigued, impaired or distracted truck driver is a grave threat to all other road users. A truck collision may result in victims being seriously injured. Injuries to the spine or brain can be especially devastating and may cause permanent damage. At the very least, a truck accident victim will likely be facing expensive medical treatment and maybe even extended time away from work.

Negligent truck drivers and the companies for which they work should be held liable for the accidents they cause. If you or a close family member are now recovering from an injury due to a truck accident, a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney may be able to work to get you appropriate compensation.

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