If you have recently been involved in an accident with a big rig truck, you may be facing a number of hardships. First, if you or a member of your family was injured in the accident, there will likely be medical expenses to cover. Moreover, there are other damages that could also prove costly. As such, you are best served by pursuing a level of compensation that is appropriate for your needs.

Having an attorney represent your interests is one step you can take toward possibly receiving a fair settlement. An attorney is better able to act quickly and effectively on your behalf if you provide him or her with pertinent information about the accident. Therefore, before even meeting with an attorney, you should gather as much documentation and information as you possibly can.

Among the most critical information you need is that which pertains to the truck, the truck driver and the driver’s company. As for the truck, you need its license plate number and any other identifiers.  In regards to the driver, you want his or her name and Commercial Driver’s License number. You also need to find out if the driver is associated with a specific trucking company. If there is a trucking company involved, you may want to research it for more information.

Information about the driver and trucking company is only the beginning. There many important details your lawyer needs to help you. Details about the accident itself, your injuries, your personal finances and your vehicle following the accident are all used to build a strong truck accident case.

An experienced attorney can put these details together and use them to get fair compensation from insurance companies. Or, depending on the circumstances, the information can comprise evidence in a liability lawsuit.