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New proposal seeks to cap truck speeds

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2016 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Because of their size and power, it takes much longer for semi trucks to slow down and stop than it takes for standard passenger cars. And if a truck driver is not attentive while moving rapidly, it can be very difficult to avoid a collision if the road conditions suddenly change.

Every year, 1,115 fatalities are caused by collisions involving heavy trucks. But a new proposal put forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is aimed at reducing that number. Regulators are considering implementing a cap on the speed at which trucks can travel on U.S. highways.

The exact speed cap is still under consideration, but limits ranging from 60 to 68 miles per hour are being discussed. The plan is for newly made U.S. vehicles weighing over 26,000 pounds to be outfitted with a device that would prevent acceleration past the designated limit.

The proposal is not without opposition. A spokeswoman for the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association states that the limit could create road hazards as faster traveling cars would have to slow down for the trucks.

It remains to be seen if and when this proposal becomes a genuine regulation. But what is certain is that there are far too many accidents on our nation’s highways involving speeding trucks. And such accidents can leave victims seriously or even fatally injured.

When excessive speed or inattentiveness is the cause of a truck accident, then the driver and perhaps his or her company should be held accountable. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury in a truck accident, you may benefit by having an experienced personal injury attorney act as your advocate in the pursuit of appropriate compensation.

Source: WTAE Channel 4 Action News, “U.S. wants to force lower speed limit on truck, bus drivers,” Tom Krisher, Aug 26, 2016

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