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Not all brain injury symptoms are immediately apparent

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2017 | Blog, Firm News

The day you were involved in a serious car accident in Pennsylvania may have started out like any other day. Perhaps you were driving your children to school or were on your way to a business meeting. You are a cautious driver and were alert and ready to react behind the wheel as needed. However, when the vehicle across the intersection from you blew through a red light, you were not expecting the sudden, horrific collision that occurred.

A few moments later, you were actually surprised you were still alive. This is a common feeling among those who suffer injuries in sudden vehicle accidents. Some of your injuries were obvious, such as the lacerations on your face and head and the signs of a broken bone in your arm. Thankfully, rescue workers were on the scene in no time and you were transported to the nearest hospital for care. Since then, you have developed other symptoms that may be signs of a more serious problem: traumatic brain injury.

How to tell if you have a brain injury

It can be very difficult to determine if you have injured your brain. Many symptoms are subtle and may not surface until days or weeks following a car accident. The following signs suggest you may have an underlying brain injury condition and should seek immediate medical attention:

  • If you are experiencing mild, moderate or severe head pain, it may be due to a brain injury. Even if it has been several weeks since your car accident and you have, perhaps returned to work and daily life as usual, you may still want to mention your symptoms to a doctor and also make sure he or she knows you were recently in a car crash.
  • Any problems with short term memory may also signify a traumatic brain injury. It’s not at all uncommon to forgot what you were getting at the store or your next door neighbor’s dog’s name; however, if you are continually having problems remembering what happened just hours or a day or two earlier, it may be due to a serious car accident brain injury that you did not realize you suffered.
  • If you have trouble focusing or thinking clearly, it is also a potential alert that you have suffered a brain injury.
  • Do you feel nauseous or dizzy? Have you vomited? Do you hear constant ringing in your ear? These are also symptoms of brain injury but are also possible symptoms of other adverse health conditions. If you were recently in a car wreck, you will want to follow up and get these types of symptoms checked out.

The road to recovery following a traumatic brain injury can be long and arduous. You may also face substantial financial debt due to medical bills or other expenses related to your accident. If another person’s negligence or recklessness caused your injury, you should not be held accountable for the costs associated with the incident.

In Pennsylvania and all other states, personal injury attorneys help injured accident victims recover their losses by filing claims against negligent drivers on their behalves.

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