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Start of school is a good time to address bike safety

School is back in session, and many of Philadelphia's future scholars will be hopping on their bicycles and pedaling their way to class. But the start of school can also bring an increase in traffic on our roads. And while you may feel some apprehension about your child traversing the area's streets, there are some things you can do to help ensure his or her safety.

Philadelphia pedestrian killed in alleged drunk driving accident

All pedestrians who traverse the streets and sidewalks should be aware that they need to keep their heads up and eyes open. Even with stop signs, traffic lights and speed limits helping guide motorists to drive carefully, accidents can still occur without a moment's notice. And when a car collides with a pedestrian, he or she will likely suffer serious or even fatal injuries.

Philadelphia bicyclists have responsibilities and rights

The traffic laws of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania are intended to help ensure that bicyclists can remain safe while riding on public thoroughfares. As such, there are regulations that apply to motorists as well as bicyclists. It is important everyone obey these laws as doing otherwise can lead to very serious accidents.

A review of pedestrian, pet and rental accidents

Most everyone has, at some point, been involved in an auto accident, be it minor or serious. So most of you are probably familiar with the standard procedure: exchange information with the other driver and then insurance sorts it out. The reason this proceeds so smoothly is because most accidents involve two drivers who are both insured.

Woman pedestrian struck by car in Philadelphia

People don't realize it, but walking alongside streets is very dangerous. Nothing separates pedestrians from multi-ton vehicles made of metal and plastic that move at speeds many times faster than a walking human. The only thing that protects a pedestrian might be a few shrubs and a curb. People don't realize the danger because the United States has a robust culture of driving that people take for granted. Unfortunately, this past weekend, Philadelphia was shocked by the unfortunate passing of a 50-year-old woman. She was struck while walking on the sidewalk by a sedan that was speeding down the road.

Protect yourself during recreation with reflective gear

Depending on what your vice is, whether running, biking or walking, the great outdoors may be your sanctuary. Many Americans spend time pounding pavement in search of a healthier lifestyle, a stress reliever or simply some alone time. If you are one of the many that measure happiness and health by the tread on your bike tires or soles of your shoes, don't forget to keep the rest of your body safe from passing vehicles with the new age of reflective gear.

There are multiple causes of pedestrian injury in a road accident

When you are traveling as a pedestrian, the chances are the thought of being involved in a motor vehicle accident is far from your mind. Yet every year in Pennsylvania, pedestrians are seriously injured, or worse, in accidents on the roads. The problem is that all too many drivers still fail to look out for pedestrians or to take the necessary precautions to avoid causing them harm. Worse still, when an accident occurs, it can often be a pedestrian that suffers the consequences.

Who is at fault in a pedestrian accident?

In Pennsylvania, the roads can become extremely busy at certain times. Of course, this should not be a problem if everyone obeys the rules of the road, but this does not always happen. Too many drivers get behind the wheel when they are drunk. Some drive too fast or simply pay little attention to where they are going and any hazards in their way. Unfortunately, the mistakes made by these negligent drivers can often have serious consequences for everyone else on the road.

Steps pedestrians can take to stay safe

Walking is a part of most peoples’ lives. While most people probably don’t think about how many steps they log each day, for others it is the primary type of exercise they engage in or, their main source of transportation. Regardless of how much, or why, someone walks there are things all can do to try to avoid being involved in an accident with a vehicle.

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