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The risks of truck driver fatigue

Unlike drivers of other vehicles, transport drivers may have to travel long distances on a daily basis. Every day tons of goods are delivered all across the country via transport trucks. These trucks are generally large in size. Their daunting size is what makes them an even bigger threat in case of a crash. Truck accidents can be tragic. Transport truck drivers who have to spend hours on the road may suffer from fatigue. Fatigue happens if the truck driver is sleep-deprived or not well-rested.

Big trucks causing big damage in the Keystone State

From Erie to Philadelphia and all points in between, the state of Pennsylvania consists of a web of roads and highways totaling more than 120,000 miles. From the Great Lakes to the eastern seaboard, the wheels of commerce turn swiftly thanks to large trucks that move goods across the state.

New proposal seeks to cap truck speeds

Because of their size and power, it takes much longer for semi trucks to slow down and stop than it takes for standard passenger cars. And if a truck driver is not attentive while moving rapidly, it can be very difficult to avoid a collision if the road conditions suddenly change.

Health issues causing truck drivers to assess career choice

Have you ever seen a truck tooling down the highway at some odd hour of the day and wondered how the drivers can keep such challenging schedules? Most of us are blessed with a place to get the daily rest we need. But truck drivers are constantly on the go. Moreover, because their dining choices are so limited, drivers may not always have access to healthy foods.

What information will my attorney need in a truck accident case?

If you have recently been involved in an accident with a big rig truck, you may be facing a number of hardships. First, if you or a member of your family was injured in the accident, there will likely be medical expenses to cover. Moreover, there are other damages that could also prove costly. As such, you are best served by pursuing a level of compensation that is appropriate for your needs.

What precautions will help me avoid being in a truck accident?

Being a large metropolitan city, Philadelphia has more than its share of big rig truck traffic. These super-size vehicles can be seen at all hours of the day and night speeding down the roads and highways. Often, truck drivers are under tremendous pressure to meet demanding delivery schedules. As a result, sometimes truck drivers are not as focused on staying safe as they should be.

The settlement process for a truck accident lawsuit

Contrary to how you might think the practice of law works, thanks to television, most cases are settled out of court. When it comes to truck accidents, depending on the relationship between the driver and the shipping company, you may be filing lawsuits against the driver, the trucking company or even the trucking company's client whose goods were being shipped.

Truck accident litigation can present unique problems

Truck accidents are usually much more catastrophic than standard personal-use vehicle accidents. Trucking accidents are more dangerous because a fully loaded dump truck or 18-wheeler semi-truck can weigh over 25 times the standard sedan or SUV. This great disparity in weight means that your car will fold like a deck of cards if it is hit by one of these monsters. This also does not include the added risk of the freight the truck may be carrying. If you are struck by a truck carrying explosive materials or caustic chemicals, then your injuries may be exacerbated.

Can you claim against a truck manufacturer?

Every year in Pennsylvania, a huge number of accidents occur on the roads and many of these involve commercial vehicles such as big-rig trucks. Any road accident can be a devastating event, resulting in widespread damage and serious injuries for all involved. However, truck accidents can often be particularly serious, as the size and weight of these vehicles combined with heavy and potentially hazardous loads add to the danger.

Truck accident liability can vary depending on circumstances

Truck accidents in Pennsylvania are not uncommon, and it is a sad fact that numerous individuals lose their lives to such incidents every year, or are left with serious injuries. Being involved in a road accident can be life-changing and no matter how major or minor your physical injuries may be, the incident could have a profound effect on your confidence and your future.

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