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$15,000,000 jury verdict
Obstetrical malpractice – birth injury/brain damage

$14,000,000 jury verdict
Obstetrical malpractice – birth injury/brachial plexus palsy

$12,400,000 jury verdict
Defective football helmet – quadriplegia

$8,500,000 judgment
Truck accident – multiple injuries

$6,900,000 arbitration award
Radiation therapy overdose- GI radiation injury

$1,500,000 jury verdict
Knee replacement surgery – amputation

$2,200,000 confidential settlement
Pathology misdiagnosis – cervical cancer

$3,500,000 confidential settlement
Failure to diagnose spinal infection – paralysis

$2,390,000 combined recovery confidential settlement/arbitration award
Failure to diagnose sepsis – death

$1,400,000 combined confidential settlement/verdict
Failure to diagnose abdominal abscess – death

$3,000,000 confidential settlement
Improper vascular surgery – double amputation

$2,400,000 arbitration award
Failed spinal procedure – spinal cord injury

$3,500,000 confidential settlement
Failure to diagnose neonatal hypoglycemia – brain damage

Over $3,000,000 confidential settlement
Obstetrical/neonatal malpractice – brain damage

$2,400,000 confidential settlement
Obstetrical malpractice/failed forceps delivery – brain damage

$2,000,000 confidential settlement
Obstetrical malpractice/maternal infection – death

$1,200,000 jury verdict
Gynecologic negligence – urinary incontinence

$2,750,000 confidential settlement
Anesthesia negligence – death

$3,500,000 confidential settlement
Truck accident – death

$12,000,000 confidential settlement
Negligent police chase/vehicle accident – death

$1,200,000 confidential settlement
Medication dosing error – death

$7,800,000 confidential settlement
Children’s furniture tip over – brain damage

$1,275,000 combined settlement
Truck accident/inaccurate highway signage – death

$7,000,000 confidential settlement
Obstetrical malpractice – birth injury/brain damage

$8,500,000 settlement
Truck accident – death

$1,000,000 settlement
Workplace accident – amputation

$4,000,000 settlement
Truck accident – spinal cord injury

$2,000,000 confidential settlement
Pathology misdiagnosis – unnecessary bilateral mastectomy

$2,000,000 settlement
Vehicle defect/seat back failure – paralysis

$2,500,000 settlement
Construction site accident – head/neck/shoulder injuries

$2,000,000 confidential settlement
Foster care abuse – burn injuries

$8,500,000 settlement
Workplace accident – electrical injury

$7,250,000 settlement
Tanker truck spill/fire – burn injuries

*Results in other matters do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. These results were dependent on the facts of the specific cases, and results will differ if based on different facts.