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Living With A Traumatic Brain Injury

Few injuries are more devastating than those affecting the brain. Severe cases require a lifetime of assistive care. Even seemingly mild brain injuries can have dramatic long-term consequences, affecting the victim’s personality, memory and overall cognitive function.

Some brain injuries can affect a victim’s life span. Disruptions to the nervous system, endocrine system and other vital functions can result in serious health complications. For some victims, comfort care is the only realistic option. For others, however, there may be many ways to provide a high quality of life in spite of the unfortunate circumstances.

Getting The Right Care

If your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, coping with this drastic and unexpected life change can be difficult. You may go through a period of mourning. It’s normal to feel a profound sense of loss for the person you once knew. While you can’t change what happened, you can take steps to ensure that your loved one receives the best care possible.

Depending on the extent of your loved one’s brain injury, he or she may require:

  • Round-the-clock care
  • Residence in a group home for brain injury victims
  • A home health aide to assist with daily tasks and medical care
  • A wheelchair and other medical equipment
  • Modifications to the home such as ramps and widened doors
  • Ongoing rehabilitation, therapy and treatment

Getting the right care for your loved one may involve difficult decisions. There aren’t always clear answers.

Don’t Grapple With These Difficult Issues On Your Own

At Young Ricchiuti Caldwell & Heller, LLC, our lawyers are committed to helping your loved one secure the compensation necessary for getting quality care. Our attorneys have obtained millions of dollars on behalf of injury victims. We understand the challenges involved in living with a traumatic brain injury — and how these challenges translate into monetary damages.

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