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Protecting Your Child’s Future After A Birth Injury

An unexpected birth injury can deprive your child of a normal life. Complications such as cerebral palsy, brain damage, paralysis and other serious conditions may require long-term care. You didn’t plan for this to happen, and now you’re left facing struggles and uncertainties that you never could have imagined. How can you provide for your child both now and over the long run? What about services that insurance won’t cover? What happens when your child gets older and public benefits stop?

At Young Ricchiuti Caldwell & Heller, LLC, we’re committed to your child’s future. Our goal is not only to help you pursue accountability and answers, but also to get you the financial support necessary for giving your child the best life possible.

Getting Compensation To Provide For All Of Your Child’s Needs

In pursuing a full financial recovery, our lawyers will examine all the ways your child’s life has been impacted, including:

  • Daily needs: Depending on the extent of your child’s disability, he or she may need round-the-clock care. In-home assistance may be an option. Over the long term, your child may eventually need to live in a special care facility.
  • Education: Your child may need special accommodations in school such as a learning aide, modified course work or participation in a specialized program for children with disabilities.
  • Medical equipment: Wheelchairs, ramps, blood pressure monitors and other medical equipment may already be a fact of life for your child. Those needs may increase over the years as your child grows.
  • Therapy and treatment: There are many types of therapy that can help with mobility and muscle development as well as cognitive and emotional development. Your child might also need ongoing treatments such as medications or surgical procedures.

We will fight to make sure these benefits are available throughout your child’s lifetime, even when public benefits stop.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your child’s situation with an attorney during a free, no-obligation case review, please call 267-546-1004. Located in Philadelphia, we serve families throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.