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Helping The Victims Of Defective Products

When a company brings a product to market, it has an obligation to ensure the product is properly designed and manufactured. The manufacturer must also clearly label any potential safety hazards, such as if a child should not use the product unsupervised or if any pieces are potential choking hazards.

At Young Ricchiuti Caldwell & Heller in Philadelphia, our attorneys are prepared to battle businesses and corporations that refuse to take responsibility for the unsafe products they put in the marketplace, on a construction site or on the road.

Attorneys Who Have A Proven Record Of Results

Our attorneys develop a detailed knowledge of the product that caused the injury to their client. They seek out top-flight experts in many fields, and meticulously investigate the technical, medical and legal issues inherent in products liability cases.

This preparation allows us to present our clients’ cases effectively against the manufacturers, designers and sellers of defective products.

We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients in cases involving:

  • Children’s toys and children’s furniture that causes an accident leading to catastrophic neurological injuries ($7.8 million settlement for brain-damaged toddler)
  • Safety equipment that does not prevent the tragic accidents and catastrophic injuries or deaths they were designed to prevent ($12.4 million verdict for quadriplegic teen in sports helmet case)
  • Industrial machine tools whose design flaws cause harm to life and limb
  • Medical devices that malfunction or fail
  • Automobiles, trucks and airplanes whose designs cause accidents or worsen the injuries people suffer ($2 million settlement in seat back failure case)

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